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                           Who's That Lady?
                            Darrell A. Cador
                                (c) 2004 

     “Thank you,” I said to the Dominican waiter as he returned to the booth with my VISA card and receipt. Choosing to dine alone today a light lunch was all I desired. Sitting patiently while taking in the sights and sounds of Marco’s, a vibrant little spot that specialized in Creole cuisine, I admired the décor and personality of the restaurant and made a mental note to thank Candice for the recommendation.

     Before leaving I checked my phone’s calendar to see what was scheduled for the rest of the week. A writer’s conference and a manager’s staff meeting had been scheduled on consecutive days. I double-checked to confirm the time and, in particular, the location of the conference. That was when I began to hear voices coming from a booth just behind me. Voices soft and low, yet audible enough to grasp my attention.

     “All I know is, he better hope I don’t find out who she is,” said a woman who sounded like she might’ve been part of some kind of twisted love triangle. “And what bothers me the most is that he still denies it!”

     “Tashaun, what did you expect him to do? Come right out and say, ‘Oh, by the way, baby I’m cheating on you?’” I laughed then quickly remembered that their conversation didn’t exactly include me.

     “Tee, you think it could be somebody he works with? I mean, that’s where a lot of affairs start; right there in the work place.” Huh! Sounds to me like she’s been there. I sat still and continued to listen.

     “Regardless of where, Sophia, the question we all want to know is why. And more importantly, with who.” A sudden yet brief hush fell over their conversation.  

     “Well…actually Mavis…Sophia’s right.”

     “Wait a minute, Tashaun! You mean you know who Brandon’s been seeing?”

     “Well…no, not exactly; but after hearing Sophia, I think I got a pretty good idea.”

     “Who?” I smiled and thought to myself, ‘This oughta be good.’

Placing my phone back into my purse I slid my compact from a side pocket, opened the mirror and began to check the state of my cosmetics as I remained dialed into the topic.

     “I’m not exactly sure, but last month when Brandon and their group were singing down in Miami he shot some video of the hotel lobby, a family reunion they attended, and the Hall where they were performing. And I found it mighty strange that this woman, who I’ve seen at some of their company functions, was in almost every shot. Either passing by or standing somewhere off to the side.” I glanced cautiously over my right shoulder, hoping my presence hadn’t been detected.

     “Tashaun, how do you know this woman wasn’t with one of the other three guys in the group?”

     “Because two of them are happily married. Or at least they say they are. And the other one, poor fella, is as gay as a three-dollar bill! And the two wives were obviously smarter than I was because they were right there attached to their men.”

     “Well…this woman you’re talking about, Tashuan. What does she look like?”

     “Mavis, what do they all look like? She was beautiful. I’m mean, she looked to be in her mid, maybe late twenties, and just as shapely as she wanted to be with long, flowing hair and light-brown eyes. Smiling eyes. I’m telling you, I know it’s her. I can just feel it!”

     Suddenly my heart began to race as my lower lip quivered like crazy. That in turn sent my hands to trembling in a nervous, uncontrolled manner. Shocked to near stiffness by the detailed description from the booth behind me I found myself shaken all the more at how accurately the woman behind me had described the image of the woman still centered in the mirror of my compact.

     Instantly anger consumed me as I entertained thoughts of betrayal, endless lies, and an absolute mountain of deceit. The sudden revelation of my single life with a married man left me disturbed beyond reason. Another series of uneasy glances across the restaurant prompted me to quickly gather my things and prepare to leave. And leave I did.



     “Can I get you ladies anything else?”

     “No Ramone. We’re fine. Thank you.”

     “Well, if you need anything, just wave.”

     “We will.”     

     “I think a certain waiter has eyes for a certain sister.”

     “Toni, you think everybody has eyes for you!”

     “That’s because they do!

     “Tashaun, the sister that was sitting behind you; the one with the cute little haircut heading toward the door. You think she heard us?”

     “I doubt it, Sophia. But to tell you the truth, even if she did, judging by the way she tore outta here, I’d say she’s got her own problems to deal with.”


                                      The End