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Darrell A. Cador Productions

Welcome to Darrell A. Cador Productions; our excitedly new and vibrant venture into the world of gospel theatre! Our mission here at Darrell A. Cador Productions is to tap into the endless wealth of undiscovered talent and present uplifting and inspiring stage play performances that must be seen to be believed! Here you'll find everything neccessary to stay abreast of our exciting theatrical productions, as well as our other soon-to-be-mentioned projects. Visit this site frequently to check us out, and by all means let us know what you think. For the actor or actress in you we've posted information for 'Hands Made To Hold' on our 'Auditions' page and would love to hear from you. Here at Darrell A. Cador Productions we're always on the lookout for that next 'big star' so definitely stay in touch! You never know; that next 'big star' could very well be YOU!!!