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And This Too Shall Pass

And This Too Shall Pass, the highly-anticipated 3rd release from author Darrell A. Cador (When Seasons Change and A Good Woman Is Hard To Find) is a powerful and moving collection of stories that speak to the pain often accompanied by love. A love that, many times, leads us to the point of no return.

You, Me, and She

Chance Johnston, a maintenance engineer at a local university enjoys the blessings of family life, and with his lovely wife Linda and daughter Toni at his side, nothing could be better. That is, until the seasonal demands of Linda's job begin to test their marriage, leaving Chance to search for an answer to his unsettling dilemma. An answer that comes in the person of Trudy Mitchell, a stunningly attractive student whose just enrolled at the university where Chance works, and quickly becomes his 'Teacher's Pet'. Torn between doing what's right, and doing what's right for him Chance's future hangs in the balance, forcing him to make the decision of a lifetime. A decision he'll either soon forget...or one he'll soon regret!



A Night In The Life

While enjoying a week-long getaway in South Beach Florida Brendan Minor, a marketing assistant for a DC-based advertising agency has a sensual encounter with Chelsea Dawkins, a beautiful and intriguing professional escort who proves to be far more than advertised. Ten years later, and ten years wiser Brendan is stunned to find that Chelsea has now relocated to the D.C. area. A startling find that reaches beyond past indiscretions, sending Brendan on an emotional journey to see if he and Chelsea have been fatefully reunited; or if the remnants of their distant past have finally caught up with them!

Hands Made To Hold

Terri Faulkner, an admin assistant for the city government simply wants the best that life and love have to offer. With sensitive ways and a caring heart Terri has been the consummate companion to Kendall Weathers, her significant of 4 years; and a man who'd give her the world and everything in it. Everything...except a way out of their turbulent relationship that's finally reached its breaking point, sending Terri on a mind-tingling race to find her inner strength, her independence, and ultimately herself before too little becomes too late!


A Good Woman is Hard to Find

What do you get with four young men, all searching to find their soul mate at the same time? Well, if its four men on the mother of all missions, then definitely expect the unexpected! Following a friendly wager at a nearby fitness center Jordan, Dale, Marcus, and, Tyrus set out on a desperate journey of life, love, and the pursuit of their Ms. Right at a time when men outnumber women 7-to-1!


When Seasons Change

Lorena Daniels, a senior loan officer for a Chicago-based credit union, has just broken up with her live-in boyfriend of four years. Days later, while having lunch with a co-worker at a nearby restaurant, Lorena unknowingly catches the eye of Randall James, their stand-in waiter for the afternoon who doubles as a fulltime chef. Another chance encounter finds Lorena and Randall at a local supermarket where their friendship sets sail. They soon embark on a vibrant, fast-paced relationship that harbors more than its share of intriguing ups and downs. One that explores the depths of every emotion and one that, unknowingly to them, parallels the changes in seasons!